• Spencer Wiedeman

    Spencer Wiedeman

    @RelateIQ revolutionizes the way you work. Ask me about it.

  • Jiong Wang

    Jiong Wang

    Engineering Director, Coder-wanna-be

  • Hans Solo

    Hans Solo


  • Cici Alvord

    Cici Alvord

    Recruiting Professional, goofball, proud Swede, runner, skier and cyclist. Lover of dogs and tech.

  • Neha Narkhede

    Neha Narkhede

    Co-founder and CTO @confluentinc, Co-creator of @apachekafka. Globetrotter, Wannabe photographer. Frequently resorts to retail therapy.

  • LeastSignificat


  • Sachi Blue-Smith

    Sachi Blue-Smith

    Talent x Startups. Bar trivia aficionado. Opinions are my own, and not my employer’s.

  • Kaare Digernes

    Kaare Digernes

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